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Our clients include Galleries, Artists, Photographers, Private Collectors, Institutions, Private Home Owners, Corporations and Art Groups.

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How do you like your mounts?


A mount is a nice visual break from the image and frame. It can be bold in your face statement or clean and simple to keep the focus on your image.

Let us help you choose what will best suit your needs.

For presentations or a modern look, you can have your print mounted directly onto artboards. Artboards allow us to float mount in a deep frame or tray and give a unique look to your image. For business presentations, you do not need a frame and can display your mounted print directly on an easel.

If you want multiple images in one frame then we can offer you a mount with multiple apertures. This means more than one window in the same frame.

A single mount is the most common choice. This is one mount cut with a beveled edge. 

Single with ‘V’ Groove
A ‘V’ Groove adds a little style to the mount design. A small, double cut is made into the mount board to create a subtle line around the edge of the mount. 

Deep Single
The added depth helps to the picture and can introduce a 3D element into your design. 

A Double Mount provides an inner border around the artwork. You can choose a darker, contrasting colour to the top mount or have both the same colour. 

Use your imagination to combine mounts. There are many colours and textures to choose from. Both mounts should complement the colours in your artwork 

We can change the offset to alter the degree to which the bottom mount is revealed. 

No Mount
Some people choose not to have a mount. Posters are a common one to frame right to the edge of the image. 

Deep Double
A classic style layers a normal thickness mount on top of an extra thick mount to create a wonderful 3D effect.

Double with ‘V’ Groove
A beautiful mount that has the best of the double mount combined with the style of a ‘V’ groove.

Deep Double with ‘V’ Groove
The ultimate mount for those wanting that wow factor. This style has all our techniques on display. This will impress all who see it.

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Quality Service

Single and multi-opening mounts in a range of colours, textures, and styles. We have a wide selection of mount colours available for you to choose from.

Mounts help to protect and accentuate your image. They protect by keeping your picture from touching the glass. This prevents damage to your print and glass.

We use cotton-based boards and offer all levels of conservation materials.

Choose from our wide range of black core, conservation, extra thick, museum, and white core picture mounts.

All of the mounts we offer are manufactured from high-quality materials so the 45-degree bevelled edge is guaranteed not to discolour over time.

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