Picture Framing

all artwork created by Kirsty & Jason Browning

Frame Mouldings

Whether it is a gold frame or solid wood we have a broad selection of frame styles and sizes.

There are thousands of frame mouldings out there.

Picture Mounts

Single and multi-opening mounts in a range of colours, textures and styles.

We have a wide selection of mount colours available for you to choose from.

Glass Cutting

Offering a wide range of quality framing glass. If you already have a frame that needs repair.

We also offer a re-glazing & repair service.

Framing Accessories

We have all the hanging supplies, like hooks and fixings. We will advise you on how to get your newly framed prints mounted safely and securely.

Photogrpahic artwork by kirsty & jason Browning from River Dart Gallery

Quality & Craftmanship

Stop by the gallery to let us guide you through the framing process. We will help you find the perfect style to compliment your artwork. It can be daunting to know what to choose. Let us help.

Your picture deserves more than a standard frame. We have so many different styles to choose from. We offer styles from distressed to stately & elegant.  Whether it is a gold frame or solid wood we have a broad selection of frame styles and sizes.

There are thousands of frame mouldings out there.  Browse our large frame selection. We keep a good selection in stock for fast turn around times.

We know how important your items are to you. We are artists ourselves and understand how much work can go into art. We treat every customer original as if it is our own. Only highly skilled technicians handle your artwork from start to finish.


Artwork collections by Kirsty & Jason Browning from River Dart Gallery

Behind the Scenes

Framing is as much an art as a craft.

Each piece is approached individually to achieve a stunning visual presentation.

We are framers you can trust.  Offering comprehensive, fully customised fine art and commercial framing services.

Made in England. All our frames are handcrafted in our workshop in Stoke Gabriel.

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Receive a quote for a made to measure frame that is tailored to your budget.

To determine the price we need to measure your original artwork and use that information to calculate your price.

The frame moulding is one of the biggest factors in the price.

After the moulding is chosen, then the glass is next. We offer a very affordable 2mm float glass all the way to museum quality UV resistant optically clear glass. We only use the highest quality supplies to tape and pin our frames.


The first stage is the consultation process. We will walk you through all the choices that will affect the final presentation. How archival do you want to go? We can advise you on the choice of materials to protect your artwork.

We will help you choose the best style to match the decor of the frames final surroundings. We factor the surroundings in but also we will pair the frame to the artwork making sure the frame compliments the art.


The second stage is the build stage. We have come up with a quoting system that will guarantee a consistent and competitive quote each time. With over 400 mouldings we keep our inventory and pricing up to date. We give you the best, consistent, and most current pricing.

This is when your artwork is moved to our workshop and our technicians will prepare your artwork for framing.

This is the time that all the details of the order are checked and then the frame is built.


The third stage is the delivery. All our frames are wrapped and ready for transport. If more protective wrapping or a shipping box is required, that is no problem.

We will then walk you through the hanging process.

Our frames come ready to hang and we can offer you hanging advice to help you with any extra questions.

If you need any supplies for hanging let us know. We stock a selection of standard and heavy-duty hanging supplies.

We can offer you a comprehensive framing solution for your project


We have carefully chosen over 400 mouldings that have been sourced from all around the world. We only use quality materials. We do not claim to have more mouldings than any frame shop, but we have quality.

We remove the styles that do not meet our high standards and only show you the best. Want something we don’t have? No problem. We order from all the popular frame manufactures.


We use Art-Bak® for our backing boards – The modern alternative to MDF! Strong, smooth and rigid . . . Art-Bak® benefits from a unique curve in the board, which will keep your artwork flatter in the frame. Buffering with Calcium Carbonate guarantees they remain pH Neutral for at least 300 years.

This is a versatile board with a traditional appearance. Now triple-walled for extra rigidity. 2.6mm thick.


Fast turnaround

You can expect a consultation, build and delivery stage during your frame manufacturing. We will keep you up to date on the status of your order throughout all stages.

Fast turnaround times. Let us know your projects requirements and we will work to your schedule.

Frame Styles

  • Classic
  • Box frames
  • Float frames
  • Tray frames
  • Key line
  • Swept frames
  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Shabby Chic
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We are well established, experienced artists at your service.  Our frames are expertly crafted to fit together with tight, strong corners.

Print & Frame

Let us coordinate the productions of your prints and frames. This makes us a one-stop shop for your print and display needs.

We can frame any size image
from standard sizes to custom oversized frames

Click on images to enlarge.

Visit the Gallery

Located in the lovely village of Stoke Gabriel on the River Dart.

Our Clients

Include Galleries, Artists, Photographers, Private Collectors, Institutions, Private homes, Corporations and Art Groups.

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