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Amposta, Spain

Next we jumped a train and headed to down towards Amposta away from Barcelona’s busy streets.  This little quiet traditional town is located between the river Ebro and the Costa Dorada.  A popular destination for Spanish...

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Barcelona, Spain

We are totally in love with this city.  Laid back, Catalonian pride, street performers everywhere you go and of course the many astounding architectural sites from Gaudí.  Considered the father of the modernitsa architecture...

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Just love this city.  Beautiful canals, great city vibe.  We gave the website a new look, caught up with a long lost friend and generally loved our time in this city.  But as always time is ticking by and we must carry on.  Next...

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Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam was basically completely demolished in WWII during the Rotterdam Blitz.  This has resulted in this Dutch city to have a unique and varied landscape with skyscrapers.  We enjoyed our time in this city and had a great...

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Brussels, Belgium

Chocolates, waffles & hot chocolate.  This city smells like you are walking around “Willy Wonka’s” chocolate factory.  We made sure to sample as much fine Belgium beer as possible and wandered around...

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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a well-preserved gorgeous medieval city.  Cobblestone streets surrounded by quaint medieval houses.  The city is bursting full of charm and we had the greatest time running around and exploring as much as possible....

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From Bologna to Milan, Italy

Last two stops in Italy and after what felt like a whirlwind tour of both of these cities left us wanting more.  But onward we must go….time to catch a flight to Prague. [justified_image_grid preset=c2...

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Venice, Italy

Venice long thought of as the city of romance and magic does not disappoint.  It is very easy to spend days exploring the winding streets, along historical canals, past gondolas.  It is the perfect city to get lost and found...

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Florence, Italy

Florence is considered the birthplace of Renaissance and it is truly as elegant as you imagine.   We lost ourselves for days in the numerous museums and art galleries that hold some of the worlds most important works of art....

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Rome, Italy

The wonderful city of Rome is our next stop.  With quaint alleyways to the grand churches Rome has it all and more.  Great city to just wander around, amazing food everywhere you look.  What is not to like about this city?...

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Santorini, Greece

Santorini with its beautiful cliff side homes is an amazing island in the southern Aegean Sea.  Forming the southernmost section of the Cyclades is is the remnant of a volcanic caldera.  Beautiful white buildings and deep blue...

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