After a gruelling bus ride up towards the Thai/Burmese border, due to having to fight off an ugly case of food poisoning acquired the night before, we arrived in Mae Hong Son. Mae Hong Son is surrounded by the most picturesque countryside, fantastic country roads to drive around and small villages to explore.
We decided to drive out to the Karen Long Neck tribe village. The village is a Burmese refugee camp and we had read conflicting discussions about the ethics of visiting such a place and had heard the stories of them feeling like a human zoo. I can imagine with a bus full of tourists you might feel like you are exploiting their situation. However, when we visited we were the only westerners in the village, we found the locals very welcoming and excited to talk & share with us. They are very proud of upholding their traditions. We spent the afternoon hanging out, talking to the women, shooting some portraits and buying some of their beautiful crafts. It was really a great experience and we are really glad we went and got to meet such lovely people.