15 miles of colorful sandstone cliffs. Cliffs tower up to the sky, some a good 60 meters above the lake level. Naturally sculpted cliffs leave shallow caves arches and crazy formations that seem unworldly to kayak through. Large ice chunks still filling many of the caves and crevasses from its winter sleep. Mineral seepage displays natures abstract palette of bright reds, oranges and copper, blues and greens all along the cliff face. Lake Superior has the largest surface of any fresh water in the world.
Our personal preference its to explore via the water. Lake Superior represents its own challenges, Lake Superior has notoriously rapid changes in the weather. Kayaking over countless ship wrecks only helps to reiterate the brutality of these waters. Prevailing winds make for a hard kayak but the reward of gilding silently under arches of sandstone magnificence.
Solitude, sunsets, purest night skies.