Such great kayaking. Seal Cove, Long Pond, Somes Sound – Sunset, moonlit kayaking, dolphins followed us up Seal Cove. Osprey shadows feel strong overhead. Every other rock seemed to house a small band of seals either basking in the northern rays or cleaning their flippers.


Tandom kayaking is a skill unto itself. Many tell us how they almost killed their supposed loved one and swore to single boats forevermore. The learning curve has had its own bumps. But it seems natural to be in sync on land and if anything it is simplified on the water. After mastering the basic paddling rules its just about trusting & listening to each other. The weirdest part is that you spend all day talking to the back of each other.

We have upgraded to a good GPS system. Much safer than us guessing which tree on the horizon to head for and has given us a new game. How fast can we travel. 6.2mph is the answer.